1. Be sure to moisturize and exfoliate your skin, especially during dry winter months. Foundation and powder do not look great on dry, flaky skin.
  2. You may want to see a facialist months prior to the event and come up with a game plan for top-notch skin.
  3. Take care of your lips; get in the habit of putting lip balm on every night.
  4. Nails are best when done in natural shades or sheer pinks. They will look fresh and pretty, and chipping will not show as much
  5. Trust your makeup artist’s instincts. Makeup colors are not necessarily chosen to match flowers or clothing. We look at the client’s overall skin and hair coloring first and foremost when choosing our color palette.
  6. Emergency kits for the big event should include: Lipstick and gloss, lip liner, tissues or handkerchief for trapping tears, fragrance, and blotting papers. We use a special eye shadow base to keep shadow from creasing, so no need to stress too much about touching that up.
  7. We go over eye pencil with a coordinating shadow liner, in order to “set” the color and keep it from running. Your makeup will stay no matter how many happy tears are shed!
  8. Wear a pretty blush the day of the event. We recommend pink for fair skin, rose for dark skin.
  9. For pictures, makeup intensity should be slightly more than the way it is normal done. Picture the way you would do your makeup for a black tie evening event, even if your event is during the day.
  10. For black and white pictures, a white shadow or creamy shimmer shadow is beautiful on the brow bone. A dab of lip-gloss is also great for black and white.
  11. Start with a lip pencil and fill in the entire lip if desired. Follow up with a couple layers of satin color or stain, blotting in between applications.
  12. Have eyebrows shaped a week to 4 days prior to the event. Shapings done any closer to the day may result in tender spots, and the makeup may not be as smooth.
  13. We are used to covering blemishes and can practically make them “disappear”, particularly if you try to keep your hands off of them prior to the event. So no picking at skin!