Frequently Asked Questions

What type of products do you use?

Most of our kits are stocked with a majority of Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Laura Mercier products. We have found that over the years, these cosmetics really stand up to wear ability, humidity, tears, and above all, they are very photo-friendly.

Most of our clients appreciate the quality of products that we use, however, we are always happy to use a product or products that you own as well.

Where are consultations done?

Consultations are often done at the client’s home or location. We travel up to an hour around Valley Forge, PA. Most Philadelphia and surrounding area locations fall into this travel distance. Consultations typically take about an hour.

How does the process work?

Your consultation fee/deposit can be mailed directly to your artist or accepted at the time of your consultation. We typically leave this preference up to each individual artist.

After your consultation, we usually try to block out a certain amount of time for you and your bridal party on the date of your wedding. This info is helpful in determining a start and ready by time, depending on the number of people needing makeup. You may have to consult with your photographer about a ready by time, as they often dictate the scheduling for the day.

How long does the makeup application take?

Makeup application typically takes about a half hour per person on the wedding day. This includes any touch-up time that is needed. We usually schedule about 45 minutes for the bride.

Although we already have a “recipe card” on the bride from the consultation, we still like to allow extra time for phone calls and other interruptions she may have on the wedding day. Most large wedding parties will receive touch-up makeup after the bride is done. Ask your artist for more information on how this works.

Do you sell products for us to use for touch-ups?

Since we provide a professional service, we do not represent or sell products. That being said, we will recommend product(s) for you to purchase. Typically, the client just needs to reapply lipstick and/or gloss throughout the event. Oil blot papers and a little blush or bronzer is enough to get you through the long day & night. These recommendations will take place during your consultation.

We will also ask that you consult your bridal party to let them know that they too should bring a lipstick and/or gloss that they feel comfortable reapplying after we leave. There is nothing worse than a bridesmaid looking into our kit and asking if we sell makeup.

Do you do airbrushing?

We prefer the traditional form of makeup application through the use of high-quality makeup brushes and other tools. It is a huge misconception that airbrushing wears longer, when actually air brushed makeup cannot be custom blended or touched up. Leave the airbrushing to your photographer.

Traditional application allows for the artist to custom blend foundations and colors to make sure the makeup is perfect for each individual. It also allows the client to touch up the skin without fear of disturbing the makeup. We take special care to prime each and every client we touch with a high quality foundation primer that will ensure long-lasting results.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and checks.

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